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Filming Streets


We noticed a void in the world where loads of people were hungry for correlations and the only place they had to look was Tyler Vigen's Book and Website about Spurious Correlations. This just wasn't enough for us and we wanted more so we came together to form an on going series dedicated to finding new and interesting Correlations. We love amazing news sources like The Onion and The Daily Show, so if you like quality news sources, you're in for a treat!

For the explorer, check out



Is this real?

Yes! All the information is real. Some of the correlations come directly from Tyler Vigens book or website and some come from data mining the internet. We do our best to use trusted sources

But is this like really real?

Although the data is accurate and the correlations are real, we don't believe under any circumstances that any of these relationships hold any weight.

Are you for real?

Yes and no. I enjoy researching and collecting data about things and it turns out that with the boom of data everywhere, it's fairly easy to find correlations between things that have nothing to do with each other.



Thanks for your interest in Correlation of the Week. We love input and suggestions for new correlations. Please suggest one metric and we'll find something that correlates to it! 


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